Wera Joker Spanner Sets

Wera Joker Spanner Sets include The Joker ratchet wrench spanner, a real revolution in wrench technology. Performs fastening jobs in almost every conceivable situation, quickly and with great precision. Unique features include a holding function, a limit stop, 30° return angle for restricted access, anti-slip reinforced jaw and an ultra-fine high torque ratchet end. The holding function means nuts and bolts can be held in the jaw and easily positioned where they are needed. Integrated limit stop holds the nut, eliminating the need to use your thumb as a depth stop. The stop plate also has teeth to grip a locked or broken nut. Reinforced jaw to stop any risk of spreading, ensuring easier and safer releasing of the fastener. The double hex jaw allows a 30 degree return angle rather than the 60 degrees a standard offset spanner needs, therefore is ideal in tight spaces. On the ratchet end an ultra-fine 80 tooth mechanism has been designed to also be exceptionally strong allowing high torque transmission capabilities. Made from high-performance chrome-molybdenum steel for strength and high corrosion protection due to the nickel-chrome coating. Long service life and high resistance to wear. Ideal pipe union wrench, needs only half the working space of a normal open jaw wrench. Ultra fine, very strong 80 tooth ring ratchet 4.5°