Sleeve Anchor Hex Nut type Zinc Yellow Passivated

Expansion anchor masonry fixing.
Finish: Zinc Yellow Passivated.

-Also known as ‘projection bolt’ sleeve anchor.
-Through fixing for ease and speed of installation.
-Sleeve wedge cones designed to give maximum expansion.
-Reduced outside sleeve diameter compared to thread size offers reduced stress in base materials.
-Offers easier fixture removal or re-positioning due to bolt part remaining in the shield.
-Widely used for fixing balustrades, handrails, racking, roller shutters, window grills and much more.
-Suitable for most masonry substrates including concrete and brickwork.

Socket size guide:
M6 – 10mm
M8 – 15mm
M10 – 17mm
M12 – 19mm
M16 – 24mm