Screw Head Types

Modern screws employ a wide variety of designs to drive or extract them, each requiring a different kind of tool. Some types of drive are also only intended for use with automatic technology, for instance, on production or assembly lines. The most common screw drives are detailed below.

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phillips cross head screwdriver heads
hex socket screw head types
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Product Information

Short Video’s about our ForgeFast EliteFast-Start Woodscrews and other Fasteners and fixings available.

Screw Surface Finish

Confusing or what! Here we try to explain the different types of Screw surface finish in our range of Stainless steel, Nickel plated, Zinc Passivated, Electro brassed, Black Phosphate, Bright, Galvinised, Black Japanned, Galvanised, Sheridised screws

Screw and Bolt Head Types

With so many options to choose from in our range of Screw and Bolt Head types, we offer brief product information on our countersunk heads, raised head screws and bolts, Bugle and Wafer Head, Hexaganol, Hex Flange, Pan Head and Round Head fixings.

Screw Thread Types

Who’d have though there would be so many different types of screws threads, here you will find product information about the options we have available at Single thread, twin thread, fine thread, coarse thread and self-tapping thread screws.