Aircare products are important for any workplace to offer a welcoming aroma when visitors arrive. Our Aircare products offer a range of Automatic Air fresheners in a variety of styles and colours. Each Air freshener unit is manufactured using ABS plastic. 3 dosing options are available including our Simple Line Automatic Air Fresheners units, Rounded style Auto A/Freshener units and Stripy design Automatic Dispenser units. Each unit offers 7.5-15-30 minute spray intervals. Available in White, Silver/Graphite, Black/Silver. We offer 6 fragrances that are suitable for each unit including Mandarin, Baby Powder, Fresh Linen, Lemon, Vanilla and our most popular fragrance is Wild Berry. Our Aircare dispenser units are perfect for any working environment including Universities, Schools and Offices. For best effect with our dispensing units we recommend fitting them above an entrance door so when the door is opened the fragrance is distributed across your room. Also recommended is alternating your fragrances every few months. You can set each unit to dispense a 2.5 – 0.3l dose of fragrance at intervals set by you.