Paper Hand Towels in a variety of folded options. Our most popular hand towel is C Fold Paper Towels that are a folded towel resting on top of each other in an enclosed dispenser. Z Fold, V Fold, Interfold are all interleaved hand towels offering a fully opened towel on dispense reducing overall waste as each towel is open and can be fully used. Options available are 1ply or 2ply in Green, Blue or White. We have a range of ABS plastic Paper Hand Towel dispensers that are suitable for all our Zepfix Hand Towels in a range of colour options to suit most decors including white, Silver, Black and Graphite. Our Stainless Steel alternative dispensers are lockable and wall mounted and manufactured in ABS Plastic are dispensers that fit perfectly with all our paper hand towels. For sheet samples of our range of towels please contact us 0151 342 2111