ForgeFast Elite Exterior Screws

ForgeFast Elite Exterior Screws. Elite Performance Pozi Exterior Woodscrews. Elementech 2000 surface coating provides corrosion resistance when installed in treated and untreated wood. Salt spray tested to 2000 hours. Double cutting point reduces splitting and drive time, capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel. Firmer fix with reduced drive torque and improved pull-out provided by serrated cutting thread. Anti-friction thread prevents ‘jacking’ and rotation of adjoining timbers whilst reducing splitting. Improved holding power from reinforced countersunk neck. Universally accepted Pozi® compatible head. Improved countersinking from 6 angled lobes. Molecular lubrication reduces friction for easier driving. CE approved for use in load-bearing timber construction. A Non-Cr, Cr3+, yellow/zinc plated surface is environmentally friendly. Advanced thread technology and Pozi recess are designed to provide faster and easier installation. No pre-drilling required.