Biozone Air Purifier

Biozone Air Purifier has patented technology that targets and kills odour causing bacteria. Biozone’s aircare operates continuously to combat and eliminate numerous germs and viruses that are present in all washrooms. Biozone Aircare is the only truly effective way to readicate bacteria and bad adours in Washroom facilities. Create a fresh smelling washroom by using Biozone by completely eliminating unpleasant odours and enhance your companies image and reputation. Biozone kills odour causing microbes at the source, eliminatin the primary reason for bad odours. Biozone Air Purifier should be installed on the ceiling or wall near the incoming air vent for maximum results. Bacteria collects and is found all over a washroom. As a washroom is warm and moist it is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. On average, at the workplace employees visit the washroom 3 times per day. Ths provides many opportunities to add to and pick up both air and exposed surface bacteria the resides within. Contact us for a full brochure and for more information.