Baby Changing Tables for safe support to your little cherished ones. All our baby changing tables are strong and reliable, sturdy and strong, safe and hygienic. Baby Changing table for the safe support of infants and babies. Each table has a concave shape that provides a deep area for your infant to lay, plus the adjustable safety strap provides an additional level of security for your baby. Convenient bag hooks either end of the unit to make life a little easier for parents and carers.

Product Features: 1. Manufactured from antibacterial HDPE; it is easy to clean and resists odors and bacterial growth. 2. Space-saving, easy to open and close. 3. Built with integral liner dispenser. 4. Fitted with adjusttble restrain belt. 5. Perfect for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, airports & stations. Maximum load: 20 kg.
WARNING: To insure that the unit supports the intended loads, baby changing stations must be properly installed accord-ing to the manufacturer’s instructions.