Drill Bits

Drill Bits from ForgeMaster that are ideal for all DIY and Construction tasks. ForgeMaster offer a wide range of drilling options including Masonry Bits that have a specially designed diamond ground tungsten carbide tip. that are heat treated to increase the life span of the drill bit. With a triangular shank stops slippage in the drill chuck increasing speed and efficiency. Our ForgeMaster Masonry Bit is a Revolutionary universal drill bit that drills through multi-substrates in one go effortlessly and can be used with or without the hammer setting. All substrates can be drilled at once saving time and efficiency. ForgeMaster High Speed Drill Bits are suitable for drilling most types of steel, iron, wood MDF and hard plastics. We also offer Wood Cutting Drill Bits n our ForgeMaster range that are Specially designed anti-slip hexagon shank and forged tri-point cutting head. Twin spurs reduce the lifting of wood fibres leaving a cleaner hole. Heat treated for strength and durability. Specifically designed for use with today’s modern cordless drill driver machines. Suitable for drilling hard and soft wood, plywood and particle boards including MDF and chipboard.