Cheap hand dryers under £200. Hand dryers can cost the earth and rightly so for many. Branded dryers do ask a higher price because they can often be the better quality option manufactured using the most sturdy parts. But why pay more when you can get a perfectly good hand dryer at more than half price? We have a range of cheap hand dryers that are perfect for all budgets. Don’t forget though, as much as we do offer the cheaper options they are not necerally the best options, your budget will be the decider. We have plenty of options in our list from £55 with our automatic Blue Dry Junior Hand Dryer available in White or Silver. A super quiet entry lever hand dryer designed for small or low use washrooms offering excellent value and good performance at a price that suits any budgets. If you feel like splashing out on the best we have to offer you can choose our Biodrier Executive Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer for faster and healthier hand drying.